Robinson Esialimba – Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Robinson is a business development consultant and provides advisory services to public and private organizations that support the growth of technology startups in Africa.  Robinson draws upon his experience and skills in startup growth advisory to assist in crafting growth strategies for DTL.

He is the brainchild behind DTL’s flagship project – the Changing Faces Competition and a co-founder of the Dandora Transformation League.

Robinson has more than 15 years work experience in the private sector and several United Nations agencies in various African countries and in Europe. He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in law and pursued a masters in law, specializing in intellectual property at the Lund University in Sweden. He is currently on a sabbatical from his doctorate studies at the University of Geneva.

Robinson provides close assistance to the DTL executive team on their day-to-day operations, developing growth strategy and fundraising

Joshua Bill Angatia – Board Member

Bill is the founder and Director of St. Bill Education Centre in Dandora Phase II. This is one of the leading private primary schools in the area and is greatly appreciated by the local Dandora community for the calibre of students it produces. It currently hosts over 250 pupils and will be registering its’ first KCPE candidates this year (2016).

Bill acquired a Bachelor Science in computer science from the Islamic University in Uganda and has also received training and certification on Cisco networking. 

He then worked with Faulu Kenya as a Credit Officer where he gained substantial experience in micro-lending and working with low income communities.

As a young and progressive member of the community, Bill is the lead advisor on youth relations in DTL.

 Naomi Hoogervorst – Board Member

Naomi is an urban enthusiast with strong interest in working with communities in design and improvement of their public spaces. Combining her strong skills in engaging all stakeholders in design, she co-founded Placemakers; an interdisciplinary organisation that involves communities in public spaces as an entry point for sustainable and inclusive urban development.

As an urban development consultant she works for the International New Town Institute, DASUDA and UN-Habitat. Naomi Hoogervorst studied Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the Technical University of Delft (NL). Naomi is DTL’s advisor on international outreach and fundraising.