(May – December 2016)


Registration Rules for CFC III

Please carefully read this briefing as it provides guidelines for participation in Changing Faces Competition (CFC) Season III.


What is the background of CFC?"


The Changing Faces Competition is an initiative of the Dandora Transformation League (DTL) which is an umbrella organization bringing together youth groups from Phase 1 to 5 in Dandora. The long term vision of DTL is to have a clean, green, safe and healthy Dandora with hundreds of jobs for area youth.

The Changing Faces Competition (CFC) is an innovative intervention designed to catalyse the transformation process leading to the new Dandora. In the CFC we challenge youth teams which are spread all across Dandora to compete against each other to see which team will initiate the greatest transformation of their court to make it clean, green and safe while creating jobs for themselves.

More importantly, the transformation goes beyond the transformation of the physical spaces – it is also a transformation of the mind-sets of the youth in the participating teams and those of the general community residing in the area. The youth are learning to take responsibility for the circumstances they find themselves in and do their part in improving both their lives and that of their community. In turn the community is beginning to see the youth in a different light. Previously, the youth were once feared and detested for their criminal associations. Now they are being seen as a positive force for good. As a result, the community are making monthly contributions to the youth groups which then provide monthly income and steady jobs for all the youth involved.

This is now the third season of CFC, the first one having taken place in 2014. We hope that with successive competitions, Dandora will shed its previous image and a new Dandora to emerge according to DTL’s vision. It is also our hope that this competition will inspire similar competitions across Nairobi, especially in areas facing the same challenges, dynamics and demographics to lead to a cleaner, greener and safer Nairobi. 


What will be the process and timelines for CFC III in 2016?

  • 04 Jun:  Launch of competition
  • 30 Nov: Close of the competition
  • 03 Dec: Deadline for submitting “Before” and “After” Photos
  • 05 Dec: Shortlist the courts to be visited based on submitted photos
  • 06 Dec: Commencement of court visits by CFC III judges
  • 11 Dec: Compilation of results and selection of winners by judges
  • 17 Dec: Prize Giving Day.

What will the judges be looking for?

The judges will be looking for 5 things and for each of the five things they will be assigning a score ranging from 1 – 10.

The evaluation criteria are:

  1. Have all the drains in the court been dug out, are now open and clean?
  2. Has all rubbish from the compound been removed, the grounds levelled, swept and looking clean?
  3. Are there additional improvements in terms of flowers, green gardens, trees, paint-work etc?
  4. Has the team organized itself and assigned roles among its members on how the court will be maintained going forward?
  5. Is the group registered OR have they TAKEN STEPS towards registration with the relevant government authorities?

What else will the judges be looking for?

A new category has also been created with a focus on creating “child-friendly spaces”. This prize will be won either in addition to another prize or as a standalone prize. Like in the main prizes, the judges will be looking for five things and will assign a score from 1 – 10. In this special category, the judges will be looking to see:

  1. Is there a special play area specifically for children below the age of 10 years? It must be at minimum 5m x 5m or roughly this size
  2. Is the play area safe: that is, are the children protected from falling into open drain systems or other open holes and the area is free from any sharp corners, points, edges, or equipment that may injure a child?
  3. Is the play area protected or away from heavy traffic to ensure children are not injured by moving traffic?
  4. Is there a shaded place nearby where the children can relax when not playing and even learn?
  5. Is there a proper system in place for ensuring that the children are always under the supervision of an adult while playing?

What are the main prizes to be awarded?

The main prizes to be won are:

1. Best Overall Court KES 200,000
2. Top 3 in each phase  
       a. Top KES 75,000 x 5
       b. 1st runners up KES 20,000 x 5
       c. 2nd runners up KES 10,000 x 5
3. Best Child Friendly Court KES 50,000 X 1
4. Notable participation KES 5,000 X 30
5. Lifetime Achievement Award to MSO KES 100,000
6. Best mobilizer KES 20,000
Total prize money:   KES 1,045,000



IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the Overall Winner comes from Phase A, they will NOT be considered for the “Top” prize for that phase. Instead, that prize will go the team with the next highest number of points after the Overall Winner. This means, if the Overall Winner comes from Phase A, there will be a total of four big winners in that phase instead of three big winners in the other phases.

What else will be awarded?

The biggest in this competition is the Compliance Certificate.

The Compliance Certificate is a certificate that will be issued to your team show that you have undertaken transformation of your court to required DTL standards as shown above. This certificate will also signify your full membership to DTL and to enjoy the benefits of being a full member of DTL.

The benefits of being a full member of DTL include:

  • Assistance by DTL and the provincial administration in negotiating between your team and your court residents for payment of the monthly contribution;
  • Priority in participating in DTL sponsored activities;
  • Priority in accessing resources raised by DTL;

What rules and regulations must I accept in order to participate in CFC III?

  1. Only teams from Dandora Phase 1 – 5 are eligible to participate;
  2. Your team must be registered with DTL. This means payment of the KES 1,000/= registration fee. This fee is ONLY applicable to new teams that have never participated in any of the previous CFC competitions;
  3. Your team must have a certificate of registration from the Government of Kenya Department of Social Services or any other relevant government authority. If you don’t have a certificate, you need to show that you have paid and applied for the certificate;
  4. The decision of the judges on the winning teams shall be final and no team will be allowed to challenge or appeal against the decision of the judges;
  5. DTL shall endeavour to raise the full prize money that has been proposed to winners for this competition. However, if DTL is unable to successfully raise the full amount your team explicitly agrees that the winners shall accept a lesser amount. In such a case, DTL shall consult with the participating teams and agree on how to distribute the reduced prize money that shall have been successfully raised. If a decision cannot be amicably reached, then the DTL Board shall be entitled to decide on distribution of the prize money and the decision of the DTL board shall be final;
  6. If DTL is able to raise more prize money than what we have promised in the competition, the Board of DTL shall be entitled to decide how that money will be distributed or where necessary be used in other DTL activities. The decision of the Board shall be final;
  7. Depending on the conditions set by donors of the prize money, DTL may require that the prize money be used in accordance with the wishes of the donor. In such a case, any recipient of the prize money shall be required to comply with such conditions otherwise they may lose the right to the prize money;
  8. Payments of prize money by DTL to winners shall be by cheque. Cash may only be paid under exceptional circumstances. The winning team shall provide in a form the name that shall be written on the cheque;
  9. DTL shall endeavour to make payment to the winners within one week of announcement of winners on Prize Giving Day. However, in situations where donors who have pledged prize money delay in making payment, DTL shall have until 31 January 2017 to make payment;
  10. DTL member groups are supposed to be making a monthly contribution of KES 200. In the event that your team is an old and already registered DTL member but has not been making its’ monthly contribution, DTL shall be entitled to deduct this monthly fee from the prize money for the unpaid months BUT only to a maximum of KES 1,000/=;
  11. There can only be one team participating in each court. If more than one team appears in a court DTL will try to mediate. If the mediation is NOT successful, no team from that court will be registered;
  12. You agree that you will carefully observe the deadlines in this competition. Failure to observe the deadline may lead to automatic disqualification without an opportunity to appeal;
  13. DTL shall be entitled to use any photos submitted as part of this competition for marketing and promotional purposes;
  14. Any actions by members of a participating team that are criminal offences under Kenyan law, or which compromise the reputation of the competition or DTL or which are disrespectful or a threat to a DTL official or other participating DTL team member may lead to automatic disqualification. The DTL Board in consultation with the DTL Executive Committee shall have the final say on such matters without right of appeal.
  15. Your team must read and sign acceptance to these terms and conditions and return the signed registration form to DTL. If you do NOT return the signed registration form, you will not be considered as a participating team. The signed registration form must be submitted to the contacts shown at the end of the form. No registration form will be accepted after 26 November 2016. If you have submitted your form but are not sure if it has been received, please send an email to: cfc@dandora-transformation.org or SMS to: 0702 736 433;

Contact persons for submitting registration forms

  • Ward Rep Phase 1: Paul Amwow (Daddy)                0713 290 432
  • Ward Rep Phase 2 Evans Otieno                                    0714 400 751
  • Ward Rep Phase 3 Antony Maina Kwach                  0732 716 903
  • Ward Rep Phase 4 Peter Waithaka                               0719 337 212
  • Ward Rep Phase 5 Wilson Mutua                                  0720 464 427
  • DTL CEO Charles Gachanga                                              0702 736 433