Dandora is infamous for its high crime rate and it’s criminal gangs. One area that has become an icon for criminality in Dandora is the large open space between Dandora Phase 2 and Phase 3. It is called 41. The area measuring about 350 x 700 meters is part of the leave-way for Kenya power with high-voltage transmission lines passing high overhead. The place is usually overgrown with shrubs and at night it is encapsulated in darkness.

This area poses challenges both for Dandora residents and KPLC. For residents, 41 has for a long been the crime scene of choice for murder, rape and muggings. At night, it is generally a no-go zone area. For Kenya power, they are keen to ensure that no structures are built on the leave-way, yet everyday there is encroachment by ever emerging semi-permanent structures.

DTL Is proposing to build the first Dandora Community Park in this space. This initiative will completely open up the space, light it up to reduce criminal activity, provide the people of Dandora a recreational centre while protecting the interests of KPLC by ensuring that no structures are built on the space. The slides below explore the possibilities and provide references of how other countries have used leave-ways for beneficial community use.

DTL is in discussions with KPLC and seeking partners for this transformative project.