What is Dandora Transformation League?

The Dandora Transformation League (DTL) is an umbrella body bringing together over 120 youth groups from the low-income Dandora suburb, to the east of Nairobi in Kenya. DTL is registered as a not-for-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) in September 2015 with the Government Department of Social Services. However, its history dates back earlier to July of 2013 under the name of Mustard Seeds Community Based Organization (MSO).

What is the history of DTL?

MSO was formed in July 2013 and brought together three young people living inside Mustard Seeds Court who decided to transform their court into a clean, green and safe space while creating jobs for themselves. This rehabilitated court has now come to be recognized as the Model Court in Dandora, the court that all other courts seek to emulate.

In January 2014, MSO received its first ever funding from Awesome Foundation Nairobi. The then Dean of Awesome Foundation, Robinson Esialimba, partnered with MSO leaders to explore how the Model Court could be replicated across Dandora. He proposed launching a competition known as the Changing Faces Competition (CFC). The objective of the competition was to challenge other youth in Dandora and living in other courts to come together and either replicate or better the Model Court with the best court receiving a cash prize. In May 2014, the first season of CFC was successfully launched bringing teams from all across Dandora. Following this success, it was decided that an umbrella group bringing together all the participating teams be established. DTL was therefore launched in September 2014 and after a period of structuring and election of officials, it was formally registered in September of 2015 as a CBO.

What is our main Focus?

DTL has been for the last two years mobilizing youth to participate in transformation of the public spaces around them. In return, DTL in collaboration with the provincial administration negotiates with the community on behalf of the youth to have the community residing where the youth work to make a monthly contribution which then goes towards maintenance of the rehabilitated spaces and sustenance for the youth. As at October 2016, over 120 youth groups bringing together more than 3000 youth from across Dandora had registered to participate in various DTL activities.

DTL is not just transforming spaces, it is also transforming minds. We are working to empower the youth and invest in their personal and economic development with the transformation of their immediate surroundings as an entry point.

What is our vision?

The vision of DTL is to eventually have a Dandora that is clean, green, and safe with plenty of jobs for the area youth.