The Model Street Project is a project that builds on the work that has been done by the youth in their courtyards. Over the past two years, DTL youth have been working to establish model courtsyards. The question is, can the same solution be extended even to the streets connecting the courts? This way you have an end-to-end solution that residents can live within rehabilitated courtyards and just as comfortably walk on rehabilitated streets. Graduating from a model court into a model street represents the first major step towards transforming the entire neighbourhood.

The Model Street Project is funded by the UN-Habitat and the Dutch Doen Foundation and is being implemented by DTL in cooperation with several partners including: Placemakers, KUWA, Cave Design Architects, Avanti Architecture, Jotun, Village Market, International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFPH) and International New Town Institute (INTI)